Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 2

Thank fuck it was a short day today. I got in early, about 1:15 and left a little after 8. I was working with Annie and Brian again. Shit got pretty tense when Brian said he needed to leave early because he had to write a paper and Annie would have to be by herself for an hour. Annie's got a bit of personal stuff on her plate and this tipped the scales. She wasn't happy and will be pissed for a while, I'm sure. This is a downside to getting to know people. You learn a lot about their problems and their pasts which can be sad, but you do realize how many hardships they've gone through and it gives insight as to why they've become the person they are.

Not long after I punched in, my crazy Filipino manager, Flora, asked me if I would be interested in becoming the assistant manager of another store. The manager at that store is the manager I had when I first started with the company. I LOVE HER! She's really fun and is pretty lax about things. She said she wouldn't take me in until Flora got another person hired to replace me. Perfect! We just hired a new girl. I'm going to work her like a dog and make sure she knows how everything is done. She'll be at the Post Office with me when I'm there so she can replace me on weekends. I'm pretty stoked that we have a new hire ANYWAY since we're about to be incredibly short-handed with 2 leaving because college is getting out and one just getting fired.

Here's a little story for you guys. It happened about 2 weeks ago. Keep in mind the layout of the men's room:

I was cleaning the bathrooms while Brian was trying to light the pilot on our furnace, which is in the drop-ceiling in the women's bathroom. I cleaned the women's room and went into the dreaded men's bathroom after. I sprayed the sink first to let it soak since it gets really grimy with the nasty boys washing their dirty-ass hands. I sprayed the toilet and cleaned it. I went back to the sink, sprayed it again and started wiping. The door opens (because you stupid men NEVER knock).

Customer: Oh, sorry.
Me: I'll just be a minute. I'm cleaning.
C: Oh, okay.

About 10 seconds later, the door opens again.

C: Sorry, I've had like 10 beers and I've been holding this since Ludlow. If you don't mind...


As pissed off as I am that this dumbass can't wait 30 seconds to pee, I just giggle the whole time.

C: Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah.
Me: ........

I lean over to the toilet and grab the bathroom cleaner spray bottle and start to walk out. AND THEN...

C: Don't worry. There's nothing to see here anyway.

And that, my friends, was the icing on the cake. I actually lol'd and swung the door open just in case someone wanted to see why I was giggling in the bathroom.

Seriously. Working at places like this is what drives us to smoke and get pissy. It also provides entertainment for you for a few minutes.

No work for me tomorrow, but I will be getting up at the ass crack of dawn on Saturday and Sunday to pick up my assistant manager. We're scheduled for the same time and he got into a little car accident earlier this week and since he lives in the next town over, I offered to give him a ride there and back this weekend since he has no car. Not sure how he's going to do the deposit, though. Probably my car. Anyway...


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