Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 1 of this silly blogumentary.

Annie was in with me tonight and I was on the main register. Brian got in early, as usual, and went to the Post Office CPU we have in the store. For some reason, tonight was a crazy night for diesel. On a busy night, we can do about $3000 worth of fuel (gas and diesel) between the two registers, maybe more. Really busy nights can bring in about $4000. Tonight was a busy day for truckers, bringing in $6200. Everyone was fueling up with credit cards, ranging from $65 to $600. It's not unusual to have the regulars stop in and top off the tanks before bringing them back to wherever they stay for the night, usually just buying somewhere between $50 and $200 worth. We were getting truckers from EVERYWHERE today. A lot of them were charging hundreds of dollars' worth of diesel. It was crazy!

In other news, the debit and credit was kinda flaky today. The new assistant manager, Matt, had to reset the things a few times. It was the end of the world for some customers and I have to be honest, I didn't see the Messiah, so I assume I have been right all along: there's no God.


A trucker came in to pay for his diesel. I told him the debit/credit would be down for a few minutes while it rebooted. He was patient and looked at the newspapers. The customer behind him handed me his credit card. I told him what I told the trucker. "Well that's great," he said. The debit/credit came back up. I ran the trucker's card. The customer (who was still behind him) gave me his credit card again.

"I need gas."
"What pump?"
"Uh, FOUR." (He's pissed because I don't know.)
"Okay, how much?"
"Fill it."
"Well if you're paying here, I need to know how much to put on. I don't know how much your car needs."
"UGH. Just put on fucking $20."
I swiped his card and he basically rips the receipt as he signs it. He tosses the pen back at me. Fucking prick.

WE'RE NOT FUCKING PSYCHICS. We don't know where you parked, what pump you're on, how much your car needs, how much it will be, what cigarettes you need, what lotto tickets you want to buy. Don't be douchebags like this guy. This happens quite often. I've learned how to deal with it and, for the most part, can let it go. I've never sworn at a customer or been intentionally rude (okay, that's a lie) to a customer. I can handle difficult situations well and can be pleasant if you're not an asshole. There are things you need to STOP DOING. That's tomorrow's rant.

Well, it's 2:17 am and I need to rest up for the lovely shift I have tomorrow. Maybe there'll be another story in it for you.
P. S. I bought a giant jaw breaker at 7-11 the other day and I think I'll document the progress. Here's what I did tonight:

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