Thursday, July 29, 2010

Holy Christ

Wow. I almost forgot my blog existed. I've been busy being the slave, I mean, assistant to this new manager.

Well, let me give you a quick rundown:

I was working in a store (store A).
I was asked to be the assistant to a manager (she asked for me specifically) in a specific store (store B).
I was ready to go there (mentally; I wasn't trained yet or anything. I like that manager and have the means to do the job). It's the smallest and slowest store in the company.
Supervisor told me that the company needed me at a bigger store right across the street from the corporate offices (store C).
I said fine.
Two days into my first (and only) week at the bigger store, the supervisor called me again to tell me that I was needed at a different store (store D). The assistant at D went to C, which was where she started.
The manager at D is known in the company for well-training her assistants. She called me a few times to give me details (1st-shifter during the week gets migraines from strong perfumes; they order in a lot; bring a mug so I can have free coffee). She seemed nice.
I finally get there and it turns out that she's batshit crazy. She's super organized (not a big deal as it makes doing paperwork easier) and anal about where things are and how things are done. My first day she had me watch our surveillance video and write people up for stupid shit like not having their shirts tucked in and not comparing cigarette counts.
She's strict as hell, too. She won't let anything get in the way of her bonus. She freaks out over nothing.

Anyway, I was getting yelled at A LOT by her. She expected me to remember everything as soon as I was shown. The first few weeks were tough, but I got through them.

The end of the second week there, an overnighter quit. Awesome. Since there are like 6 people working as employees at that store, two of which are overnighters, I had to cover the overnights on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights. Lucky for me, I like pulling all-nighters. Unfortunately, I am a second-shift kind of girl. I like going to bed late and waking up late. I don't mind doing the overnights. It was my first time doing the 3rd shift, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I got through it. The next week, we got a new hire for the overnights. I was going to train him for two weeks and then he would be on his own.

This guy was a goddamed dingbat. After his two weeks of training, he was STILL looking at notes on how to put gas on a pump. Seriously? He'd done it like hundreds of times and he STILL had to look at his notes. When he was starting his first night alone, I was asked by the manager to come in for an hour, 9:30-10:30 to make sure shift was broken correctly (older employee is still getting the hang of the system and has trouble cashing out) and that the new hire was all set. I went in and blah, blah, blah. I got a call at 6:48 am, telling me that the new guy couldn't break shift and that I had trained him poorly (UH, NO). I tried to walk him through it, but for some reason his numbers weren't working. The store had gotten this system a few months ago and the manager still doesn't really know how to do things in it, so she didn't know. Later on, she called me to tell me that the newbie quit because the customers were too rude and he couldn't learn the register. The manager and I agreed that it was because the morning person was yelling at him because he didn't make the next drawer, couldn't break shift, etc.

So, here I am, pulling an all-nighter so I can sleep tomorrow during the afternoon to work the overnight. FML. We do, however, have a new hire coming in next week and I'll be training him. Manager initially said that she didn't want me training him because of how he didn't know anything. I told her that he was a moron and I've trained people before and it had never happened. She said she'd give me another shot at it. Hopefully this one isn't a super-religious moron like the last one.

I've been given the responsibility the past few weeks (the days where I'm in at 6am) to do the afternoon gas survey, go to the office to drop off paperwork and make the bank deposit. I was weary at first since I don't know the area well at all, but since I'd gone with the manager more than a few times to do these things, it wasn't as bad. I know how to get everywhere and where everything is and I'm okay with it. It's a major responsibility to have to do these things. I was originally given 3 weeks to train, but since I've had to work overnights, the time I've spent training is far less than it should be. Manager has been coming on Sunday mornings, usually an hour after I get there, to double check the stuff I've done. She says she's not coming in this Sunday. She thinks I can do it on my own, which I'm pretty sure I can. She's only going to call, she says, so hopefully she won't be disappointed.

Though the manager is batshit crazy, I kinda like her now. I wanted to quit my first few weeks, but I stuck it out. She's taken a liking to me and she's even said that she's proud of me! I would like to go back to my old store, though. I like A better than B, C and D. The assistant there told me that he's quitting since he found a better-paying job. I mean, who else to be the assistant to the crazy Filipino lady who knows the store and town? :)

Well, it's almost 2:30 am, and I have a lot of nothing to do, so I'm going to play some . Best. Game. Ever.

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