Saturday, May 8, 2010

Post Office

It's been a nice relaxing day here at the gas station. We have a contracted postal unit (CPU) that seems to have everyone mind-fucked when they see it. We don't do money orders, take checks or have anything to do with mailboxes or passports. We can do everything else, though. Here's the sign that I was bitching about a few days ago:

Obviously these people can read, but there's no need to ASK if YOU ALREADY KNOW. Don't mind the written-in "s." My manager makes these signs and she's Filipino with an okay grasp on spoken English, but not written, so I wrote it in.

We've done about as much today, Saturday, as we would normally do on a Saturday.

I noticed the picture was pretty small, so the total as of 4:25 pm is $177.52.

Not much going on today. I love these days at the CPU and will miss them terribly when I leave to be an assistant. I finally figured out how to get internet here using a cable that's hooked into the computer here and I'm pissed that I discovered it so late, but at least I can make the most of my time here.

There are a few perks about this job that I have neglected to mention. There's a Dunkin' Donuts and a Subway in the same building. We workers at the gas station have shit loads of fun with the Dunkin' workers. As I was typing the previous paragraph, one of them ran over with something she had picked up with her tongs. She plopped a partially-frozen flatbread egg white triangle on my desk, ALMOST on my laptop.

They love to throw shit at us and we give it right back. We love the Dunkin' crew. The Subway crew... not so much. They're kinda prude and their manager's a dick.

On a different note, I'm fucking freezing. The AC is on, I think, and the thermostat says 65, but I think it's colder than that. I need a smoke.

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